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1951 год (Wiktor)
1951 год (Wiktor)
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
FZZ (post-war)
russianvocal octet
It’s Good Under the Sky of May (Хорошо под майским небом), song (Boris Terentyev, lyrics by Mikhail Ruderman)
Vocal Octet of the A. V. Aleksandrov Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army, acc. All-Union Radio Committee Orchestra, Conductor Aleksandr Shilov (vocal octet), Viktor Knushevitsky (orchestra)1948
FZZ (post-war)
Gramplasttrest and major plants
russianbaritone with ensemble
On a May morning (Майским утром), song (Arkady Ostrovsky, lyrics by Yakov Belinsky)
Vladimir Bunchikov, acc. orchestra, Conductor [ru]Алексей Матвеевич Ковалев[ru]Alexey Kovalev1951
Leningrad Plant
Riga Plant
Accord (Leningrad plant)

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