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Collectors and Authors
Year 1946 (1946 ) (Wiktor)
Year 1946 (1946 )
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors by ...


A.Zhelezny. The chronicle of the phonograph company Sphinx Record in Russia 1914  1915. (..         1914  1915) (bernikov)
A.Zhelezny. The chronicle of the ...
Anatoli Zhelezhny


SYRENA-RECORD Catalog (in Russian) ( -Ļ) (bernikov)
SYRENA-RECORD Catalog (in ...
Anatoli Zhelezhny


Kismet: catalogue (Kismet: ) (mgj)
Kismet: catalogue (Kismet: ...
Mike G. Jurkevich


The Music on the Ribs
What For (), tango (Zonofon)
What For (), tango
The Music on the Ribs


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Gramophone Co.
Russian, German
To laugh, to live, to love (, ) (Man lacht, man lebt, man liebt) (Operetta Movie Queen) (Jean Gilbert (Max Winterfeld))
V.M. Shuvalova, Zavalov, Radoshansky, Lukanin, acc. orchestra26-11-1913
Amour GramophoneB2156

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