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Year 1935 (1935 ) (Wiktor)
Year 1935 (1935 ) (Wiktor)
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors


   1927 - 1930 (Wiktor)
1927 - ... (Wiktor)
Mustrust Record Catalogs


The Discopedia of Pre-1918 Polonics. Suplement. (Dyskopedia poloników do roku 1918. Suplement) (   1918 . .) (Miszol)
The Discopedia of Pre-1918 ... (Miszol)


Muztrest "general list" catalog, 1928-1930 (10-inch records), version 1.2 (  " " , 1928-1930 .,  1.2) (Arronaks)
Muztrest "general ... (Arronaks)
MuzTrust (general list)


Stinson catalogue: Russian 10" series, red label ( "" 10-   Stinson) (mgj)
Stinson catalogue: Russian ... (mgj)
Stinson (red)


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Gramplasttrest and major plants
russian, russianpiano
Hopak (), solo piece (Opera Sorochinsky Fair, act 3) (Modest Mussorgsky, arr. Sergei Rachmaninoff)
Sergei Rachmaninoff18-03-1921
New York
Aprelevka Plant 3139
austrian, russianpiano
In the way ( ), solo piece (Franz Schubert, arr. Ferenc Liszt)
Sergei RachmaninoffNew YorkAprelevka Plant 3140
Leningrad - Artel "Gramplastmass" of VSPK-LOSPK
russianmezzo-soprano with jazz orchestra
Meetings (), tango (arr. Ilya Zhak, lyrics by Umansky)
Klavdiya Shulzhenko, acc. jazz orchestra, Conductor Yakov Skomorovsky31-01-1940
Artel "Gramplastmass" (GPT matrices) 3140
mexican, russianmezzo-soprano with jazz orchestra
Cielito Lindo ( (Cielito Lindo)), song (Carlos Fernandez, arr. Moisey Ferkelman, lyrics by Naum Labkovsky)
Klavdiya Shulzhenko, acc. jazz orchestra, Conductor Yakov Skomorovsky1940
Artel "Gramplastmass" (GPT matrices) 3222
MusTrust (electric process)
russiantenor with piano
Singers Off-Stage Song ( ) (Opera Raphael) (Anton Arensky, lyrics by A. Kryukov, Modest Tchaikovsky)
Nikolay Pechkovsky, acc. piano1929
MusTrust VSNH (el)15500
MusTrust USSR (el)
KPO (Mustrust, electric process)15500
Pathé Record
frenchsoprano with orchestra
Juliets Waltz - Akh! To live carelessly and to enjoy! (Opera Romeo and Juliet, act 1) (Charles Gounod, lyrics by Michel Carré, Jules Barbie, based on: William Shakespeare: Tragedy Romeo and Juliet)
Maria Kuznetsova-Benois, acc. orchestra1919? 1916...1917Disco Pathé123
frenchsoprano with orchestra
Roi de Thule (Opera Faust, act 3) (Charles Gounod, lyrics by Jules Barbier, Michel Carre, based on: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: The tragedy Faust)
Maria Kuznetsova-Benois, acc. orchestra1919Disco Pathé

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