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Collectors and Authors
Year 1936 (1936 год) (Wiktor)
Year 1936 (1936 год)
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors by ...


Teodor (Theodor) Iliescu Discography (Teodor (Theodor) Iliescu Diskographie) (Lotz)
Teodor (Theodor) Iliescu ...
Dr. Rainer E. Lotz


Stinson catalogue: Russian 10" series, red label (Каталог "красных" 10-дюймовых русских пластинок Stinson) (mgj)
Stinson catalogue: Russian ...
Mike G. Jurkevich


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Gramplasttrest and successors
Crimean TatarFolk Instruments Ensemble
Akai Avasy and Khaitarma, folk dance
Crimean Radio Committee National Musical Ensemble, Conductor Yahya Sherferdinov1934
Noginsk PlantНКТт 754
Г 245
Crimean TatarTrumpet with Folk Ensemble
Ak Deniz Kenarynda, solo piece
Akhmet Menakai, acc. Crimean Radio Committee National Musical Ensemble (folk instruments ensemble), Conductor Yahya Sherferdinov11-1935
Noginsk PlantНКТт 764
КРК 5000
MusTrust (electric process)
Russian, UkrainianTenor with bas
Тwelve ceremony (Двенадцать косарей) (Дванадцять косарів), song (Konstantin Boguslavsky, lyrics by Ivan Shevchenko)
Mikhail. Mikisha (tenor), Vasiliy Lubentsov (bas), acc. piano15-03-1930
MusTrust VSNH (el)32020

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