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Звукосниматель Decca №3   граммофона  Decca, British made (Olegg)
Звукосниматель Decca №3 ... (Olegg)
Accessories for playback devices


Adia Kuznetzoff (Адя Кузнецов (Авдей Гаспарович Кузнецов)) (bernikov)
Adia Kuznetzoff (Адя Кузнецов ... (bernikov)
Portrait Gallery


Basil Fomeen (Василий Николаевич Фомин) (bernikov)
Basil Fomeen (Василий Николаевич ... (bernikov)
Portrait Gallery


The History Of Recordings In Russia/Catalogue Of Vocal Recordings Of Russian Department of "The Gramophone Company" (История начала грамзаписи в России, Каталог вокальных записей Российского отделения компании «Граммофон») (bernikov)
The History Of Recordings In ... (bernikov)


Dr.Howard S.Friedman. Matrix and Catalog Numbers in G&S Discography (Howard)
Dr.Howard S.Friedman. Matrix and ... (Howard)
Gramophone Co.


Catalog of Argee (also Stinson, Emvee and other labels), 1954 (Каталог Argee (а также Stinson, Emvee и др.), 1954 год) (mgj)
Catalog of Argee (also Stinson, ... (mgj)
Argee Records


The Russian Easter Festival (Увертюра "Русская Пасха", Соч. 36), symphony piece (bernikov)
The Russian Easter Festival ... (bernikov)
Decca (UK)


Russian and Hungarian Gypsy Music, Decca Album 20 (Русская и венгерская цыганская музыка, Decca Альбом 20) (bernikov)
Russian and Hungarian Gypsy ... (bernikov)
Decca (US)


Songs of inspiration, Decca Album No. 303 (Песни вдохновения, альбом № A-303) (bernikov)
Songs of inspiration, Decca ... (bernikov)
Decca (US)


Songs Of Famous Russian Composers Sung By Vladimir Rosing (Песни известных российских композиторов в исполнении Владимира Розинга) (bernikov)
Songs Of Famous Russian ... (bernikov)
Decca (US)


Russian Imperial Singers (Русские Имперские Певцы) (bernikov)
Russian Imperial Singers ... (bernikov)
Decca (US)


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Decca (UK)
K 1206
(AR 9380)
russiansoprano with piano
a) The dreary steppe; b) From my tears, spring flowers (а) Мрачная степь; б) Из слёз моих вырастают цветы), song (Grechaninov Aleksandr Tikhonovich (a); Borodin Aleksandr Porfirievich (b))
Oda Slobodskaja, acc. Ivor Newton (piano)1940Decca (UK)K 1206
K 1206
(AR 9381)
russiansoprano with piano
a) Water Nymphs; b) The Hebrew Melody (а) Наяды; б) Еврейская мелодия), song (Aleksandr Porfirievich Borodin (a); Milij Aleksejevich Balakirev)
Oda Slobodskaja, acc. Ivor Newton (piano)1940Decca (UK)K 1206
Decca (US)
ST74 - 9403
russianmale choir
Choral Masterpieces Of The Russian Orthodox Church, church canticle (Krupitzky / M. Wedel / Rimsky-Korsakov / N. Turchaninov / S. Vorotnikov, arr. Serge Jaroff)
Don Cossack Chorus of Serge Jaroff, Conductor Serge JaroffDecca (US)
Gramophone Co.
The jolly coppersmith (Der kreuzfideler Kupferschmied), character piece (Richard Eilenberg)
Grammophone Orchestra16-06-1913
Amour GramophoneP 303
Gramplasttrest and major plants
englishdance orchestra with refrain
Quickstep (Nagasaki), dance (Harry Warren, arr. Lew Stone, Cill Harty, lyrics by Mort Dixon)
Lew Stone and his Band, acc. dance orchestra, Conductor Lew Stone, Solo by Nat Gonella24-10-1933
Aprelevka PlantГ-0945
american, englishdance orchestra with refrain
When my Ship Comes In, foxtrot (Walter Donaldson, lyrics by Gus Kahn)
Ambrose and his Orchestra, Conductor Bert Ambrose, Solo by Sam Browne (vocal)14-12-1934
Aprelevka PlantГРК 0948
englishdance orchestra with refrain
Over My Shoulder, foxtrot (Film «Evergreen») (Harry Woods)
Roy Fox and his Band, Conductor Roy Fox, Solo by Peggy Dell (Margaret Tisdall)04-05-1934
Aprelevka PlantГ-816
englishdance orchestra with vocal refrain
I give my heart, waltz (Carl Millöcker)
Jack Hylton and his Orchestra, acc. Olive Groves (orchestra), Conductor Jack Hylton30-04-1932
Aprelevka PlantГ-828
Gramplasttrest and major plants
englishdance orchestra with vocal
Rhythm like this (Freddy Bamberger)
Jack Hylton and his Orchestra, acc. orchestra, Conductor Jack Hylton, Solo by Pat O'Malley & Trio (vocal)20-04-1932
Aprelevka PlantГ-829
TRC. 1c
(CP 983)
english, russianchoir with string orchestra
Salute to Life, Op. 33 (Салют жизни (Песня о встречном, соч. 33)), choir piece (Film «Counterplan») (Dmitry Shostakovich, arr. Will Sahnow, lyrics by Nancy Head)
Topic Singers, acc. Unity String Orchestra, Conductor Will Sahnow1939...1940
United Kingdom
(GB 5458)
englishdance orchestra with vocal refrain
Pale Volga Moon, waltz (O'Hagan)
Julian Roselli and his Salon Orchestra, Conductor Alfredo Campoli, Solo by N.N. (vocal)13-01-1933

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