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Idealism and Art (Идеализм и исскуство) (bernikov)
Idealism and Art (Идеализм и ... (bernikov)
Vladimir Rosing


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Rec Place
LabelOrder No
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Gramplasttrest and successors
russiantenor with guitar
If I Wanted to Glorify (Хочу-ль воспеть), romance (arr. Nikolay Kruchinin)
Georgy Vinogradov, acc. Nikolay Kruchinin (guitar)1944
Aprelevka PlantГРК 503
Leningrad - "Mineral" and "Plastmass" Artels
russiantenor with guitar
I love you! (If I Want to Glorify) (Люблю тебя! (Хочу ль воспеть)), romance (Natalia Rzhevsky)
Georgy Vinogradov, acc. Ivan Morozov (guitar)1948
Artel "Plastmass"ЛРК 76
Leningrad - Plastmass Factory of NKMP/MMP
germandance orchestra
I Glorify Love, tango (Ralph Erwin)
Dajos Bela and his Orchestra, Conductor Dajos Bela (Lev Goltsman)Leningrad Plastics Plant (Clodt horse)
RAOG=Russian Stockholders Company of Grammophone
russianmixed choir
Meet it is in truth, to glorify Thee (Достойно есть), prayer
Arkhangelsky's Choir, Conductor Alexander ArkhangelskyRAOG (golden harp)9037
Recorded blanks

a) Meet it is in truth, to glorify Thee; b) Our Father (а) Достойно есть; б) Отче наш), prayer (Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov)
Russian Church Chorus of St. Michael18-06-1941
New York
A Frankay Recording

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