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Collectors and Authors
The Chronicles of V.I. Rebikoff and Co. Label in Russia 1903  1906 (      ..  º 1903  1906) (bernikov)
The Chronicles of V.I. Rebikoff ... (bernikov)
Anatoli Zhelezhny


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Gramplasttrest and successors
American, RussianVocal Ensemble with Piano
Little Song () (Cartoon Peculiar Penguins) (arr. Alexander Ryazanov, lyrics by Vladimir Mikhailov)
Alexander Akimov, Petr Nechaev, Nikolay Semernitsky, Nikolay Slovinsky, acc. Alexander Ryazanov (piano), Conductor Alexander Ryazanov1939
Aprelevka Plant 2107
Leningrad Cinema (Lenkino)
AmericanChoir with Orchestra
Song, film soundtrack (Cartoon Peculiar Penguins)
Leningrad Cinema (Lenkino) 470
Leningrad Region Cinema (Lenoblkino)
AmericanChoir with Orchestra
Little Song, film soundtrack (Cartoon Peculiar Penguins)
Leningrad Region Cinema (Leningrad Cinema labels) 1197
Regal (spain)
(W 140713)
Polish, Russianorchestra
Mazurka () (Mazurek) (Henri Wieniawski)
Russian national orchestra, Conductor Nicholas Silvestroff23-06-1925
New York
Regal (spain)3898

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