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2176 R
Bulgarian, RussianJazz Orchestra
We did campaigns (Ходили мы походами) (Отиваме на поход), pasodoble (Konstantin Listov)
Jazz Orchestra, Conductor Bozidar SekelarovRadioprom1171
2179 R
Bulgarian, RussianJazz Orchestra
Our Dates (Встречи) (Среща), tango (Ilya Jacques, lyrics by Andrey Volkov)
Jazz Orchestra, Conductor Bozidar SekelarovRadioprom1171
2244 R
Russian, BulgarianBaritone with Dance Orchestra
Why? (Зачем?) (Зашо се смея?), tango (Eddy (Adolf) Rozner, arr. Bozidar Sekelarov, lyrics by Yuri Tceitlin (author), Stefan Penchev (translation))
Dimitri Tsolov, acc. jazz-orchestra, Conductor Bozidar Sekelarov~1945-48

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