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Collectors and Authors
Don Cossack Chorus of Serge Jaroff (    ) (bernikov)
Don Cossack Chorus of Serge ...
Yuri Bernikov


The Chronicles of ZWUKOPIS Label in Russia 1910  1916 (      ܻ 1910  1916) (bernikov)
The Chronicles of ZWUKOPIS ...
Anatoli Zhelezhny


The story of the beginning of Gramophone Company in Russia. (     .) (bernikov)
The story of the beginning of ...
Alan Kelly


Interpretation in the Art of Singing - Part II (    -  II) (bernikov)
Interpretation in the Art of ...
Vladimir Rosing


The Jubilee of Aprelevka ( ) (bernikov)
The Jubilee of Aprelevka ...
Alexander Tikhonov


The Record of Syrena ( ) (bernikov)
The Record of Syrena ( ...
Alexander Tikhonov


Dr.Howard S.Friedman. Matrix and Catalog Numbers in G&S Discography (Howard)
Dr.Howard S.Friedman. Matrix and ...
Howard Friedman


The Collectors Guide to Gramophone Company Record Labels 1898 - 1925 (      "" 1898-1925) (bernikov)
The Collectors Guide to ...
Howard Friedman


Label and sleeves designs
Sketch of Supraphon labels design (Návrh etikety pro značku Supraphon) (mgj)
Sketch of Supraphon labels ...
Label and sleeves designs


Printed Matter
Voices Of The Past, volume 11 (bernikov)
Voices Of The Past, volume 11


Cossack Brass Band 1903 (max)
Cossack Brass Band 1903
Post Cards


Russian Tsherkess Band 1903 (max)
Russian Tsherkess Band 1903
Post Cards


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Gramplasttrest and successors
When you fall in love, fall in love with me, foxtrot (Charles Tobias, Vincent Rose, Benée Russell)
Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees, Conductor Rudy Vallée, Solo by Rudy Vallée13-01-1931
New York
Plant of 1905 Year
Moscow sent us reinforcements ( ) (lyrics by Demyan Bedny (Efim Pridvorov))
Amateur choir of the Bolshoye Podlesye village of Baranovichi regionNoginsk Plant 296
Muzpred (reissues)
RussianDuet with Accordion
They Sent My Beloved to Soldiers ( ), ditties
P.F.Zhukov, P.D.Orlov, acc. accordionMuzpred NKP (reissues, "Fabrika Pyatiletiya Oktyabrya", blue)
Soviet with pre-revolutional labels
RussianDuet with Concertinas
They Sent My Beloved to Soldiers ( ), ditties
Peter F. Zhukov & P.D.Orlov, acc. concertinaSt.-PetersburgSoviet with anonymous pre-revolutional labels

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