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Don Cossack Chorus of Serge Jaroff (Хор Донских казаков Сергея Жарова) (bernikov)
Don Cossack Chorus of Serge ...
Yuri Bernikov


The Chronicles of «V.I. Rebikoff and Co.» Label in Russia 1903 – 1906 (Летопись деятельности в России Граммофонного «Товарищества В.И.Ребиков и Кº» 1903 – 1906) (bernikov)
The Chronicles of «V.I. Rebikoff ...
Anatoli Zhelezhny


The story of the beginning of Gramophone Company in Russia. (История начала Граммофонной Компании в России.) (bernikov)
The story of the beginning of ...
Alan Kelly


Interpretation in the Art of Singing - Part I (Интрепретация в искусстве пения - Часть I) (bernikov)
Interpretation in the Art of ...
Vladimir Rosing


Interpretation in the Art of Singing - Part II (Интрепретация в искусстве пения - Часть II) (bernikov)
Interpretation in the Art of ...
Vladimir Rosing


100 years of Russian «Columbia» (100 лет русской «Колумбии») (bernikov)
100 years of Russian «Columbia» ...
Alexander Tikhonov


The Record of «Syrena» (Рекорд «Сирены») (bernikov)
The Record of «Syrena» (Рекорд ...
Alexander Tikhonov


The failure of engineer Rebikoff (Крах инженера Ребикова) (bernikov)
The failure of engineer Rebikoff ...
Alexander Tikhonov


Alexander Tikhonov. "The Hits" Of The Epoch Of War Communism (Александр Тихонов. "Хиты" Эпохи Военного Коммунизма) (bernikov)
Alexander Tikhonov. "The ...
Alexander Tikhonov


Dr.Howard S.Friedman. Matrix and Catalog Numbers in G&S Discography (Howard)
Dr.Howard S.Friedman. Matrix and ...
Howard Friedman


L.J.Lipkovskaja (bernikov)
Portrait Gallery


Forty Don Cossacks conquer the worldVierzig Don Kosaken erobern die Welt (bernikov)
Forty Don Cossacks conquer the ...


Awara Hoon (Песня Раджа (Awara Hoon)), film soundtrack (Film «Awaara») (patefved)
Awara Hoon (Песня Раджа (Awara ...
The Music on the Ribs


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Argee Records
RussianBaritone with Ensemble
The Lonely Accordion (Одинокая гармонь), song (Boris Mokrousov, lyrics by Mikhail Isakovsky)
Georgy Abramov, acc. folk instruments ensemble, Conductor Nikolay Nekrasov1946
Argee Records1008
RussianBass-baritone with orchestra
Why you mad, ruining (Зачем ты, безумная, губишь), russian ditties (Old romance)
Petr Kirichek, acc. state russian folk orchestra, Conductor Dmitry Osipov1946
Argee Records1019
RussianTenor with ensemble
She did not say anything (Ничего не говорила), song (Vasiliy Solov'ov-Sedoy, lyrics by Alexey Fatyanov)
Vladimir Nechaev, acc. VRK Song and Dance Ensemble (orchestra), Conductor Boris Alexandrov1947
Argee Records1019
Polish, RussianMezzo-Soprano with Jazz Orchestra
Blue Kerchief (Синий платочек), song (Jerzy Petersburski, lyrics by Mikhail Maksimov)
Klavdiya Shulzhenko, acc. jazz orchestra, Conductor Alexey Semenov11..12-1942
Argee Records1028
RussianSoprano with Orchestra
Moscow (Москва), song
Isa Kremer, acc. orchestra1928
Argee Records1099
RussianSoprano with Orchestra
The dear-nightingale sweetly sang (Сладко пел душа-соловушко), song (Raingold Glier, lyrics by Ivan Lazhechnikov)
Isa Kremer, acc. piano1926
Argee Records1099
Associated Recorded Program Service
RussianMale Choir
The Responsory - Two Russian Popular Songs - Just One Note of the Horse-Bell Rings Softly - We Sing for thee
Don Cossack Chorus of Serge Jaroff, Conductor Serge Jaroff~1940
New York, N.Y., U.S.A.
Associated Recorded Program Service
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