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Ukrainianbaritone with orchestra
O, how you perished, my fatherland (Думка ("Куди ж ти згинув, рідний краю?")), folk song (Yakiv (Yakov) Stepovy (real name: Yakiv Yakymenko/Akymenko or Yakov Yakimenko/Akimenko), lyrics by M. Havrylko)
Wolodymyr Rychtowski, acc. orchestra, Conductor Anatoli (Anatoly, Anatolij, Anatole) Mirosznyk (Miroshnyk)~1954
Sydney (?)
Cosmopolitan I
MusTrust (electric process)
UkrainianContralto with Piano
Thoughts, song (Yakiv Stepovy, lyrics by [ru]Тарас Григорьевич Шевченко)
Ekaterina Orleneva, acc. piano1930
MusTrust VSNH (el)19200
Ukrainian Operatic Ensemble
Ukrainian, GermanBaritone with Piano
a) I once had a beloved homeland b) Not all sorrows passed away (а) У мене був коханий рідний край б)О, ще не всі умерли жалі), songs (Nikolay Lysenko, Iakiv Stepovyi)
Michael Minsky, acc. Bohdan Piurko (piano)Ukrainian Operatic Ensemble
Ukrainian, Germanbaritone with piano
I once had a dear native land + All of my sorrows have not yet diedмене був коханий рідний край + О, ще не всі умерли жалі) (Ich hatte einst ein schönes Vaterland + Alle meine Sorgen sind noch nicht gestorben), romances (1: Nikolay Lysenko, 2: Yakiv Stepovy (Yakymenko), lyrics by 1: Heinrich Heine, 2: Olexandr Oles (Alexander Kandyba), translator 1: Maxim Slavinsky (Maksym Slavynsky))
Michael (Mykhailo) Minsky, acc. Bogdan (Bohdan) Piurko (piano)1951

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