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Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky (Владимир Семенович Высоцкий) (Andy60)
Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky ... (Andy60)
Portrait Gallery


Marina Vlady, leaders and artists of the Red Banner Ensemble (1960, Paris) (Марина Влади, руководители и артисты Краснознамённого ансамбля (1960, Париж)) (Modzele)
Marina Vlady, leaders and ... (Modzele)
Portrait Gallery


Song about sentimental boxer ... (patefved)
The Music on the Ribs


a) My Funeral; b) Merry mortuary ... (An)
The Music on the Ribs


we met (Мы встретились), song (DmitriySar)
The Music on the Ribs


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Rec Place
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Sound Recording Ateliers and Studios
1 ?? 2. Бабье лето, song
Vladimir Vysotsky, acc. guitarsRiga - Recording studio "Riga’s Photo"

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