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Collectors and Authors
The story of Lyrophon (  ) (bernikov)
The story of Lyrophon ( ... (bernikov)
Gabriel Gössel


The Chronicles of ZWUKOPIS Label in Russia 1910  1916 (      ܻ 1910  1916) (bernikov)
The Chronicles of ZWUKOPIS ... (bernikov)
Anatoli Zhelezhny


A.Zhelezny. The chronicle of the phonograph company Sphinx Record in Russia 1914  1915. (..         1914  1915) (bernikov)
A.Zhelezny. The chronicle of the ... (bernikov)
Anatoli Zhelezhny


Alexander Tikhonov. "The Hits" Of The Epoch Of War Communism ( . ""   ) (bernikov)
Alexander Tikhonov. "The ... (bernikov)
Alexander Tikhonov


Dr.Howard S.Friedman. Matrix and Catalog Numbers in G&S Discography (Howard)
Dr.Howard S.Friedman. Matrix and ... (Howard)
Howard Friedman


The Collectors Guide to Gramophone Company Record Labels 1898 - 1925 (      "" 1898-1925) (bernikov)
The Collectors Guide to ... (bernikov)
Howard Friedman


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Gramplasttrest and successors
russianfolk choir
The dense rye ceased to rustle ( ), song (Vladimir Zakharov, lyrics by Alexander Tvardovsky)
M.E. Pyatnitsky Russian Folk Choir, Conductor Petr Kazmin and Vladimir Zakharov1943
Unmarked 276
MusTrust (electric process)
russianbaritone with piano
The Volleys Ceased ( ), song (cycle Song of the Year 1905) (Nikolay Roslavets, lyrics by Yevgeny Tarasov)
Nikolay Rogatin, acc. piano1930
MusTrust NKLP(el)16320

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