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Idealism and Art (Идеализм и исскуство) (bernikov)
Idealism and Art (Идеализм и ... (bernikov)
Vladimir Rosing


Interpretation in the Art of Singing - Part I (Интрепретация в искусстве пения - Часть I) (bernikov)
Interpretation in the Art of ... (bernikov)
Vladimir Rosing


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Rec Place
LabelOrder No
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Leningrad - Artel "Gramplastmass" of VSPK-LOSPK
russiana duet called bayans
River runs (Бежит река), song (Eduard Kolmanovsky, lyrics by Yevgeny Yevtushenko)
Ekaterina Semenkina, Antonina Frolova, acc. V. Kuzovlev and A. Grafov (accordion duo)1960
Artel "Gramplastmass" (GPT matrices)
russiantenor with a pipe
A deer runs in the snow (По снегу олень бежит), folk (prisoners’) song (arr. V. N. Garteveld)
acc. reedpipeZonophone (Gramophone, semicircular inscription)

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